Cassi Hayden: Blog en-us (C) Cassi Hayden (Cassi Hayden) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:37:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:37:00 GMT Cassi Hayden: Blog 80 120 Ashley + Jordan | The Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain Thinking back to this fall day at the Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain.  I love a wedding that feels like a big party with lots of friends, tons of laughs, a lot of hugs, and some awesome moves on the dance floor!  Ashley and Jordan, it was great to spend the day with you!  Congrats! 

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Kenzie's Cake Smash! Kenzie wasn't sure what to think at first and kept looking to mom for a cue.  Once her mom gave her a nod the feast was on!  Kenzie had a blast at her cake smash and I had a blast photographing this sweet girl.... pun intended.  ;) 


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Tim + Jason | 1840s Plaza, Baltimore Wedding This wedding had it all!  Tim and Jason brought so much love and fun to their big day!  It started with a beautiful ceremony filled with personal touches and an amazing afternoon glow in the windows of 1840s Plaza, great friends and family, and even a lip sync battle to end all lip sync battles!   Each table had a theme and competed throughout the night with the tables around the room.  The cake topper were lego men!  I had such a blast documenting Tim and Jason's wedding.  Congrats and love to the grooms!  

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Expecting Nori | Jefferson Memorial Maternity Photo Session Happy to announce this wonderful family has welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby girl to their home!  Before Nori made her debut, we were able to brave a chilly, beautifully overcast morning at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in DC.  Big brother Alex was a champ and gave me the best smiles!  The men came ready in matching suits and momma-to-be was gorgeous in her green gown!  Absolutely stunning family!  Congrats on your addition!  



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Veena + Jim | La Ferme Restaurant Wedding I love weddings that bring together family and friends in a cozy venue for a beautiful moment followed by an awesome party!  I had a wonderful day celebrating this wonderful couple.  Congrats to Jim and Veena! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!  

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Katie + Ben | The Great Room at Historic Savage Mill Katie and Ben brought their fun, kind-hearted personalities to their day!  They took The Great Room, mixed in amazing friends and family, threw in Muppets centerpieces and made it theirs!  It was so great to be a part of their day.  Congrats, love you both!

Cassi Hayden Photography
Cassi Hayden Photography Cassi Hayden Photography Cassi Hayden Photography Cassi Hayden Photography
Cassi Hayden Photography Cassi Hayden Photography Cassi Hayden Photography Cassi Hayden Photography Cassi Hayden Photography

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Martyne + Brandon | Camelot by Martin's Wedding Martyne and Brandon's day was a blast.  Camelot by Martin's was the the perfect location for this beautiful event!  Congrats to Martyne and Brandon!

Photographed by: Cassi Hayden Photography Photographed by: Cassi Hayden Photography Photographed by: Cassi Hayden Photography Photographed by: Cassi Hayden Photography Photographed by: Cassi Hayden Photography Photographed by: Cassi Hayden Photography Photographed by: Cassi Hayden Photography Photographed by: Cassi Hayden Photography Photographed by: Cassi Hayden Photography

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Rory + Jon | Zigbone Farm Retreat Wedding A day can go by so quickly.  Sometimes its not easy to slow down and take notice of what is happening around you, for you.  This was a magical day.  Rory and Jon were present with those around them and certainly with each other.  Zigbone was the perfect place for their day.  Did I also mention that Jon runs an improv group?  Needles to say there were some pretty awesome photo ops! Congrats Rory and Jon! 

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Mary + Pete | Annapolis Wedding A beautiful couple on a perfect day in Annapolis.  

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Michele + Patricia | Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Michele and Patricia were full of joy and absolutely stunning.  This day couldn't have been better and was a dream to photograph!   

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Abby + Ken | Mount Airy Mansion Wedding This day was just magic!  I am in love with big families and love the excitement they bring to weddings.  From getting ready to a packed dance floor, it was just a beautiful day.  

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Jennifer + Justin | Southern Maryland Wedding This wedding had it all, horses included!  I grew up in Southern Maryland and love it when I get to photograph a beautiful wedding that brings together elegance and country!  Congrats Jen and Justin!  

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Anna + David | Liberty Town, MD Wedding A wonderful couple.  A beautiful winter wedding.  

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Rosie the Riveter! Some days at work are just a lot fun!  Coworkers created a camp called "She the People". Its a camp for girls that introduce them to politics and how to get involved.  To promo the camp we did this super fun photo shoot inspired by the iconic Rosie the Riveter image.

Rosie the Riveter

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Celebrating 90 Years of Conservation Got to create this fun video with some of the Department of Parks and Recreation's amazing staff.  There are great things happening in Prince George's County! 

Celebrating 90 Years of Conservation - Director of Photography, Editor, Script Writer

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Felicia + Tim | Glen Echo Park Wedding Classic car, tea-length dress, red lipstick, neon signs, and a carousel to boot.  This wedding was just plain fun.  Felicia and Tim are both people I could only describe as happy.  I have know Tim for a long time and have always admired the joy he carries with him.  It is impossible to be around these two and not have a good time or at least feel like smiling!  They picked the perfect venue.  A joyful place for two wonderfully fun and genuine people.  

To the happy life!  Congrats!

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Devan + Joseph | Robin Hill Farm and Vineyards Every wedding is a whirlwind - getting ready to portraits to ceremony to more portraits to reception and then just like that the day has come and gone.  In the midst of all of this there is two people trying to find moments for each other.  Towards the end of the night Devan and Joe were having their last dance and Joe began playing with Devan's hand like he had forgotten the correct way to hold a hand during a dance.  The both smiled and it was as if they were sharing an inside joke that nobody around them shared.  It was just them.  

To many years of inside jokes.  Congrats Devan and Joe!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your day.

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Baby Lucy Marie Such a great way to start 2015, a photo session with sweet baby Lucy Marie and her rockin' purple tutu!


(Cassi Hayden) Baltimore Cassi Hayden DC Maryland Southern Maryland baby baby photo session baby pictures photographer photography portraits purple tutu tutu Wed, 14 Jan 2015 19:04:35 GMT
Allison & Aaron | Wye Island Wedding Can I start by saying that I love Wye Island and it has always been special to me, add to that Allison and Aaron and it is even cooler!  I got to spend a beautiful summer day on the Wye with two super fun people and their awesome loved ones!  It was a great wedding, perfect day, beautiful bride, and ever grinning groom!  A photographer can't ask for more! 

Congrats to Allison and Aaron!  Thank you for letting me be part of your day!

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Lindsey + Phill | 2640 Space So a few months ago I booked a wedding over the phone and new nothing more than the bride sounded very laid back, liked my portfolio, and wanted to book me.  Lo and behold it was Lindsey, that I know!  It was so awesome seeing her after too many years and it was her wedding day!  This wedding was amazingly simple, perfect, and beautiful.  Phill and Lindsey opted to get ready in their home, photograph the first look in their entrance way, and then walk together to the 2640 space in Baltimore, MD.  Everything from the custom chalk signs to the strung lights and the body surfing to the human pyramids (proof below) makes this wedding unparalleled to any I have photographed to date. 

This is an amazing venue and encourage anyone having a special event in the Baltimore area to check it out! So meaningful when a family member performs the ceremony! And then, the dancing began! How every father-daughter dance should end, flexing! So glad I was a part of this day!  Congrats to Lindsey and Phill, two of the raddest people I have ever photographed!

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Janice + David | Cylburn Arboretum I think this wedding was unlike any other wedding I have been a part of and so unique to this wonderful couple! It was sweet, light, fun, full of laughs and tender moments. There were tulips in beer bottles, pinwheel boutonnieres, Berger cookies, hula hoops, and their very own symbol made from the Irish Claddagh and the Chinese symbol for double happiness.

The Cylburn Arboretum is such a beautiful venue! 

I see so many weddings that the bride and groom don't get a moment to take a breath.  These two took everything in and made every moment count! Sisters!

Janice and David I know you will have a life full of love, loyalty, friendship and double happiness!  Thanks to you and Piper Watson for letting me be a part of your day!

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Nathan's Cake Smash! Can there be anything more fun than putting a cake in front of a one-year-old?!  Nathan proved to be a healthy and happy one-year-old stopping for photos one millisecond at a time!  Between making a dash for it we were able to get some great shots of this adorable birthday boy! 

cake smash I love these faces... "Are you really letting me do this?"Cake Smash Cake Smashed! After a quick clean up we were able to get a few more shots of Nathan with some of his B-Day Party decorations, I am such a sucker for Dr. Seuss! Nathan Happy birthday Nathan! 

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Sarah + Joanna | Women's National Democratic Club It was such an awesome experience and joy to be a part of Sarah and Joanna's wedding day.  I was out again, second shooting for the always talented and fun gal Piper Watson

I have to say that though I love being at weddings and I always enjoy sharing these amazing moments with clients (friends) I rarely get choked up.  This day was different!  I kept my cool but totally kept my eye on the closest tissue box just in case.   This is Joanna and Sarah with Joanna's grandfather.  Love these! I am ending with this image.  It is my favorite of the day.  Congrats to you both! 

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Robinson Family Portraits If this super friendly and awesome family or place looks familiar its because I just photographed a wedding this past summer on their farm.  A photographer couldn't ask for an easier place or group to work with.  

Can't resist a Payton Baby smooshy face!

If Photoshop is good for anything its making babies look like they climb trees.  Below is my beautiful sister-n-law and my 11 month old niece.  Don't let Payton's face fool you, this little girl is non-stop!  Love her!

I love seeing couples that have been together for so many years and have obviously not lost "it". 

Such a beautiful girl!

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Ragz to Richez This past weekend I met up at historic Savage Mill for a super fun fashion shoot with the ladies of Ragz to Richez!  Despite the frigid air and obstacles to conquer in 6" heels our model Melissa did an amazing job and looks absolutely beautiful! 

If you are the type of person that can spend hours in thrift stores looking for the perfect find you will completely dig their site!  
Below is my favorite shot of the day.

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Carrie + Brian | Baltimore Zoo Wedding I had a blast at this wedding second shooting for the talented, fun, and awesome PIper Watson.  Not only was it in Baltimore, with a great group of people, and on a beautiful day but it was held at the Baltimore Zoo!  Seriously, can it get any better than that? 

I know what you are thinking... "Is that a penguin?!"  Yes it is!  The Baltimore Zoo was not only a beautiful venue but they had penguins at the reception.  No, they were not carrying around trays and drinks like little adorable waiters, but they were there and still adorable! 

Such a beautiful bride. 

The casualties of a reception well done. 

(Cassi Hayden) Baltimore Baltimore Zoo Cassi Hayden Maryland photography wedding Sat, 03 Nov 2012 11:51:35 GMT
Bryan + Angela | The Annapolis Wedding Chapel This is Bryan and Angela. 

Grooms don't come much cooler than Bryan!  This was my first time at Annapolis Wedding Chapel, it was a beautiful location for a small wedding. 

I don't think I could be any happier about the recent wave of cupcake weddings I have been to! 

Had to include the photo below for my "angry face guys"!  You look like gangsters in just about every shot I got! 

I think they were smiling the entire night!  So happy for you both, congratulations!

(Cassi Hayden) Annapolis Wedding Chapel Cassi Hayden Poncho n Pepes photography wedding Wed, 31 Oct 2012 21:24:49 GMT
Robbin & Darryl + 2 Family portraits could not get easier than this!  Beautiful, photogenic, and impromptu leaf fights! 

If this little girl looks like she is having a blast throwing leaves at her parents its because she is! 

Can a brother and sister get cuter than this?! 



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Jackson is 5! The first time I photographed Jackson was a little over two years ago.  So much has changed since then!  He has quickly gone, as children do, from toddler to little boy!  Best moment of the day was when he told me "I hope I will see you for my sixth birthday." 

Coolest peddle fire truck ever!  

(Cassi Hayden) Cassi Hayden kids photography portraits Mon, 15 Oct 2012 18:26:35 GMT
Baby Emma Lane This little one is Emma Lane and she is almost 2 months old!  She is amazingly strong and too cute for words. 

Love it when things have a personal touch, this blanket was made by Emma's Grandma.

Love this face!

(Cassi Hayden) Cassi Hayden baby infant photography portraits Sat, 13 Oct 2012 13:31:26 GMT
Joyce and Jerry If there is three things this family knows and does well its love, laughing, and throwing an awesome party!  This wedding was such a joy to be at.  The focus, besides the beautiful bride and constantly grinning groom was having fun. Sucker for Pink Lilies!

I'm sorry this guy was too cute not to post!




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Lauren & Danny So excited that my first post on the new blog is the engagement session I had with my awesome brother-in-law Danny and his equally awesome bride-to-be Lauren!  We had an amazing time in spite of the rain, and even had a fun hike down the railroad tracks and through the woods.   



I think this is my favorite photo from the day.










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